Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Year 9 and Year 10 Italian Excursion “Corsini Collection”.

The Corsini Art Collection is an assembly of Renaissance-period paintings owned by the Corsini family, which my Italian class had the privilege to see. Honestly, this was an amazing opportunity for me, personally, as I am very interested in art, but it was truly amazing to see my friends, who are not in the least interested in art, engaging themselves in the history and culture of these painting. 
We were all completely immersed in every aspect of the excursion, from learning about the modern antiquity of the art to actually looking at the paintings. The most amazing part for me was that no matter how much we stared at the artwork, there was always more to see and more stories to be told. I would love to see the whole collection again one day.
Eva Ladyman, Year 9
On Wednesday the 28th of March, the year 9 and year 10 Italian students traveled to Perth City, we traveled by bus and train to the Art Gallery of Western Australia. When we first walked into the Art Gallery it was amazing to see all the souvenirs and all of the different exhibitions on display. As Italian students we visited the Corsini exhibition, The Corsini exhibition was full of portraits, landscapes, decorative objects and even furniture. In my opinion the most fascinating aspect of the whole collection, is that the pantings have been preserved for hundreds of years, and that only one painting out of the whole collection had been damaged (from a gun shot in The Second World War). The paintings did not leave Italy for 500 years and have now been brought to Australia for showing. I believe that the most shocking thing about the whole Corsini Collection is, that they survived the devastation of the Second World War and the paintings also survived The Great Flood of Florence. These paintings have such prestigious detail and in a certain lighting the frames and colours used in the paintings beam off and really grab your attention. I really enjoyed my time at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and I will definitely visit again soon.
Nicole Picado, Year 9.
The Year 10 Italian students went to see “A window on Italy: The Corsini Collection”. We saw various paintings by well known artists such as Botticelli. It was amazing to see them because they are famous worldwide. There were also displayed objects from the Corsini family’s household and treasures. Our favourite was a beautiful green silk dress embroiled with golden bees.
It has been a very interesting visit and a beautiful excursion!
Mei-Yen McGown and Yolanda Lopez Year 10