Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10


As a culmination of
their work in this term’s Big Ideas project, Year 9 students brought lunchtime
to life on Thursday, 29 March. Exploring their big question How can we bring lunchtimes to LIFE?’,
the Year 9s investigated how they can make lunchtimes more active and engaging
for students of Holy Cross College, while connecting them more closely with one
or more of the LIFE pillars. Students developed their collaboration,
citizenship, creative thinking and communication skills to develop a business
prototype to offer active engagement for students of other year groups.
As part of the
preparation for the day, students undertook market research to establish needs
and areas of interest amongst the student body. They designed and presented a
proposal for a business idea and they engaged teachers to support them in
resourcing and supervising their activity.
Running their
businesses at lunchtime truly brought the College to life, with students across
year levels engaging with a wide range of activities such as ping-pong, hop scotch,
skipping, basketball and dodgeball tournaments, dance competitions, karaoke and
planting. The Year 9s showed professionalism and skill in engaging students and
truly did bring lunchtime to LIFE. They will collect customer feedback and
refine their business prototype in order to present another active lunchtime
early in Autumn term.
Ms Karen Taylor
Year 9 Learning

4 April 2018