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'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Year 10 River Cruise

After an initial postponement due to COVID-19, the Year 10 students were eventually able to enjoy their River Cruise. As always the Year 10 River Cruise is one of the …

Catholic Schools Parents WA Dinner & Conference

Please see the below information for the CSPWA Conference on the on the 7th August.

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents, titled “Put your Own Mask on First”. Presenters …

Prayer for Our Winter Term, My LIFE Careers Expo, Pre-apprenticeship Congratulations, Staffing and Policies

Dear Holy Cross College Community
My LIFE Launch & Careers Expo
We have had a very busy start to Winter Term. One of our major events is taking place tomorrow …

The Sudsy Challenge

Students and Staff at HCC will be participating in the Sudsy Challenge again this year. We’ll be wearing the same set of clothes for 3 days and talking about the