Social Justice and Service

Our Social Justice programs inspire students to cultivate a sense of community awareness and engage in purposeful, proactive citizenship.

At Holy Cross, our commitment to social justice is deeply rooted, and we strongly encourage every student to engage in service and global citizenship actions within their homes, parishes, and the local community.

Our College has forged strong partnerships with local organisations that play a pivotal role in promoting justice both locally and globally. These include global institutions such as the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Caritas Australia and Catholic Mission. Locally, students regularly prepare a substantial number of meals for Ellenbrook Meals, a community initiative which aims to support and serve food to challenged people within the area.

Engaging in these partnerships offers students the opportunity to develop a deeper and more thoughtful understanding of pressing social issues.

One of the College’s yearly highlights is the Lifelink event, open to students from Years 5 to 12. This event extends an invitation to students to engage in enlightening activities that provide perspectives on homelessness and the experience of ‘sleeping out’. We also welcome younger students to participate in activities during the early part of the evening, encouraging a sense of involvement and understanding. Holy Cross College hosts the highly anticipated Social Justice Immersion each year. It is an intensive three-day, two-night experience. A small group of twelve students (Years 11 and 12) are exposed to the significant social justice issues facing contemporary society. The immersion allows students to experience first-hand the impact that poverty, homelessness, and discrimination can have on a person’s sense of self. Students are able to engage with those directly affected by these issues and gain insight into the experiences these individuals face daily.