Extra-Curricular Experiences

At Holy Cross, we foster an environment that actively encourages students to connect with like-minded peers through a wide range of diverse extra-curricular activities and clubs.

We take immense pride in our extensive array of activities beyond the curriculum. Our commitment to offering a diverse and constantly evolving selection reflects our dedication to enriching the student experience.

These opportunities are readily accessible, being offered both during and after school hours. Our College clubs serve as dynamic platforms for students to nurture their unique talents and explore their passions. These experiences not only facilitate skill development, but also foster connections with fellow students who share similar interests.

Though the club offerings may vary each year or term based on availability, our past selections have included an impressive range, including:

The Arts

Throughout their time at the College, students have the chance to participate in a diverse array of extra-curricular activities in the Arts.

Instrumental Music Tuition: Students keen on exploring their interests and talents in instrumental music can opt for this program. Choir is a popular choice for talented singers and the school encourages and supports instrument ensemble groups.

College Production: A major annual highlight, the College Production offers students opportunities to audition, perform or contribute behind-the-scenes. It spans across the Middle and Senior Schools, rotating genres each year between comedy, drama and musicals.

Visual Arts: Holy Cross encourages those students with an interest in visual arts to cultivate their skills across various forms such as painting, sculpture and textiles.

Clubs: Art, Media and Drama clubs operate before or after regular school hours for students in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

Dance: The College has a Middle and Senior School Dance Team, who perform annually at the Holy Cross College Dance Showcase.

Students engaged in the Arts have several opportunities to showcase their talents at events such as the Catholic Schools Spirit of the Arts Festival, Angelico Exhibition, Arts Showcase, Dance Showcase and Carols by Candlelight.


The College offers a diverse sports program, providing students with opportunities to compete across various skill-levels. Beyond our annual Lightning and House Carnivals, students are invited to participate in the College NEAS (North Eastern Associated Schools) after-school sports program. This gives them the opportunity to experience friendly competition against other local schools in basketball, netball, frisbee, volleyball and soccer.

Following the College’s annual Carnivals, squads are chosen to represent the school in events such as the Catholic Primary Schools Sporting Association (CPSSA), the Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) Carnivals.


Central to the Holy Cross student journey is our annual LIFE Week. This week is dedicated to authentic learning experiences, during which students engage with the community both through excursions and incursions. Every student from Kindy to Year 12 participates in a range of activities, focused on a grade-specific Big Ideas question or theme. An emphasis is placed on developing meaningful real-world connections and partnerships. LIFE Week encompasses all facets of the College’s LIFE Pillars: Learning, Inter-relationships, Faith and Enrichment.

To strengthen students’ connection to the Catholic faith, the College organises a range of day and overnight retreat experiences for students in Years 7 to 12 during LIFE Week. These retreats allow students to deepen their understanding of themselves, God, others and creation.

Melbourne/Canberra Trip

A Melbourne/Canberra trip is offered to students in Year 9, as they explore the theme of ‘Expanding Horizons’. The trip is inclusive of a two-day skiing experience in the Snowy Mountains. Additional highlights include visiting Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial, the National Archives and the Australian Institute of Sport.

Co-Curricular Clubs

There are also a number of lunchtime and afterschool clubs on offer, subject to interest and specialist support available. In the past, these clubs have included: Games, Art, Film, Drama, Dance, Lego, Mathematics and Homework Club.


Holy Cross College has a steadfast tradition of Pilgrimage, inspired by the journey of Bishop Rosendo Salvado. Every year, our students embark on age-appropriate pilgrimages, fostering a deeper comprehension of and connection with spirituality, enriching their sense of community and nature.

Holy Cross College looks forward to soon bringing back our tradition of offering Senior School students the opportunity to undertake part of the Camino de Santiago, from Tui to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Read more about our Pilgrimages here.