Campus and Facilities

Our campus and facilities at Holy Cross College are dynamic in nature, with expansive grounds allowing students room to grow in modern, contemporary learning spaces.

Our physical spaces have been intentionally designed to foster collaboration, enhance engagement and promote creativity and active participation. Teachers and support staff have access to flexible classroom layouts and breakout spaces to facilitate a range of teaching techniques, for small group work and for students needing one-on-one attention. We also enjoy larger spaces where year groups, House groups and the whole school can come together as a community.

Some of our exceptions facilities include:

The Labyrinth

Inspired by the Labyrinth found in Lima, Peru, The Eye of Justice and Service Labyrinth at Holy Cross College captures Irene’s story, her dedication to the service of the poor, pursuit for justice and her commitment to place Christ at the centre of all that she did.

At the centre of the Labyrinth is a cross made from bricks that were part of the original McCormack family homestead that once stood on a farm just outside of the town of Trayning.  The ritual of walking this Labyrinth invites the pilgrim to contemplate “effective action as a way of loving” and returning to Christ.  Along the path is a marker, which indicates the location of Irene’ stone in ‘The Eye that Cries’ Labyrinth in Lima, Peru.

The Labyrinth serves as a reflective space for students, staff, parishioners and the wider community to experience prayer while contemplating the story and example of Irene, as a person who answered God’s call to holiness.

The Lima LIFE Cross

The Lima LIFE Cross was designed by Mr Ben Bull, constructed by Mr Jon Williams and hand painted by Ms Larissa Guzzomi, assisted by Ms Simone Rowells and Holy Cross College art students. The shape of the cross is inspired by the Peruvian or Chakana cross, which is a stepped cross created by a square imposed over the axis point, forming the cardinal and intercardinal points of the compass.  The style of the cross and the central figure of Christ is traditionally Salvadorian, drawing on the tradition of our College Patron, Saint Oscar Romero.  The beams of light emanating from Christ are also a representation of the scallop shell, the symbol for pilgrimage, so central to the Faith story of the College.

Sports and outdoor facilities

Spread over vast grounds, our campus has the space and equipment to encourage students to engage with a range of physical activities. The LIMA Sports Centre, opened in 2020, is  a full-service facility that includes two international-sized courts for multiple sports, a rock climbing wall, an outdoor abseiling wall and a gym with cardio and weights equipment. Outside, we have expansive fields for soccer, football, hockey and more, as well as tennis, basketball and netball courts.

Recognising the importance of play to learning, we have nature playgrounds, including a dedicated space for our early learning years, giant slides and swings.

Arts, media, design and technology

Our performing arts centre includes dedicated drama, dance and music studios equipped with mirrors, lighting, barre and musical instruments to encourage students with a passion for performance. We also have film, media and photography facilities, for budding photographers and quality cameras and editing software for future filmmakers.

For students with an interest in design and technology, we have woodwork and metalwork workshops, jewellery making and 3D printing equipment, and state-of-the-art cooking kitchens. 

Student services

The St James Centre encompasses our Wellbeing facilities, as well as the staff and community centre. Here, students have access to our College Social Workers, Nurse and Wellbeing Officer.

Learning Enrichment, which provides opportunities for talented students to extend themselves and supports those who need extra support, is provided in a dedicated area known as The Plaza and Tarma (in addition to in-class).

Contemporary classrooms with digital technology embedded

When Holy Cross College was built, our founders recognised the need for technology to be integrated into day-to-day learning, to reflect the world our students will enter upon graduation. Our classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs, Wi-Fi and iPads, to support students building age-appropriate and healthy relationships with technology.

Naming of our buildings

At Holy Cross College we believe that our campus makes an important statement about who we are and what we value; each of our spaces has been names after places associated with our College patrons, connected to our Faith Story.

We share our grounds with the St Helena of the Holy Cross Parish church, which, alongside our Olive Grove and services held in the LIMA Sports Centre, are places in which we find connection with our Catholic traditions and charism.

We invite you to see our beautiful campus yourself by joining us for a School Tour

Read more about the connection between place and name by downloading A Journey of Transformation in the Spirit of the Risen Christ below.