Faith Story

Our faith goes beyond tradition at Holy Cross College – it’s the heartbeat behind all that we do.

Catholic education in Western Australia has a long history, with the first convent school established in the early years of the Swan River Colony. Holy Cross College was established in 2010 following a need identified for quality, all-through Catholic education for local and future families in the growing area of Ellenbrook.

From our inception, Holy Cross College has intentionally designed a rich and distinctive charism, based on an understanding that we are all called to have life to the full. Our vision has always been to foster a community of transformation in the spirit of the risen Christ. These principles and customs of the College, those planned in our inception and cultivated over time, haved played a pivotal role in nurturing Faith at Holy Cross, allowing it to thrive as a vibrant and dynamic charism.

Our Foundational College Board – made up of the Principal, Business Manager, local parish priest, members of the Ellenbrook community and representatives from Catholic Education Western Australia – were central in selecting our name, vision and mission. From the beginning, the College has had a close relationship with the St Helena of the Holy Cross Parish, which shares the same site as Holy Cross as part of the concept of integrating the school and parish as a symbol of one Catholic community.

The story of Archbishop Blessed Oscar Romero has played an essential role in fostering courage, faith and spiritual inspiration within our College community. Archbishop Romero was chosen as our College Patron for his determination to embrace the journey of the Cross by standing up for justice, knowing that the cost may be his own life, and how this speaks to our vision of the College as a place of transformation in the spirit of the risen Christ. The ongoing narrative, rituals, and traditions of our College are in a constant state of growth and evolution, drawing inspiration from the foundational Christian values deeply rooted in our Vision, Mission and College Patrons.

Living our Faith Story

At Holy Cross, our Faith traditions, Liturgical life and Pilgrimage hold a fundamental place in the fabric of College life. These elements are seamlessly interwoven into our daily existence, manifesting through reflection and prayer, the celebration of the Eucharist, House Liturgies and special occasion commemorations.

In the Junior School, our students are introduced to these enriching activities through their participation in the Parish Sacramental programs of Reconciliation (Year 3), First Holy Communion (Year 4) and Confirmation (Year 6). The preparations and celebrations of these are parish-based, family-focused and supported by the school.

Embedded within the ethos of Holy Cross is a steadfast tradition of Pilgrimage, drawing inspiration from the remarkable journey of Bishop Rosendo Salvado, who traversed from Perth to the Benedictine Community in New Norcia.

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Olive Grove

Our Olive Grove, inspired by Gethsemane, the garden of olives where Jesus went to pray before He died, is a place of quiet reflection for students. It features over 30 trees, some gifts from the New Norcia community propagated from trees brought to Australia from Europe during Bishop Salvado’s time, in a circular amphitheatre. The floor is paved with image of the Camino shell – a symbol of pilgrimage.