Middle School

Years 7-9

Two middle school-aged boys playing on the playground.
Ignites personal growth

Middle School transition

Given the tools and opportunities to develop personal growth, spark new talents, and nurture existing interest, our students begin their Middle School journey in Year 7 where they are introduced to an excitingly varied curriculum.

At our College, we recognise the pivotal role a sense of belonging plays in fostering effective learning, especially during the critical transition into Year 7. To ensure our students start their educational journey with confidence and comfort, we have meticulously crafted a dedicated transition program. This program extends over the entire first week of their school experience, during which students will not attend regular classes. This comprehensive program encompasses essential elements such as digital literacy, faith formation, engaging team-building activities, and offsite events that facilitate relationship-building. By prioritising the establishment of a strong sense of belonging, we lay the foundation for academic and personal success, enabling our Year 7 students to flourish in their new educational environment.

While nurturing a foundation of safety and unwavering support remains fundamental to our Middle School ethos, we also encourage students to embark on a journey of exploration by introducing them to new learning opportunities. Students are able to delve into specialist subjects within contemporary, purpose-built facilities, enriching their educational experience and deepening their knowledge.

Discovery of new talents and interests


In Years 8 and 9, students have the opportunity to craft their own educational program by choosing their preferred electives to study alongside the core, compulsory courses. Subject to availability, electives can be chosen from a range of options spanning performing and visual arts, media, materials technology, business, food science, languages, photography, and outdoor or sports education. Granting students the autonomy to sculpt their own learning journey sparks a deep sense of investment in their own pathway.

At Holy Cross, our Middle School program looks beyond the pursuit of academic excellence, prioritising the holistic growth and maturation of each student. While fostering a nurturing environment, we instil in our students the discipline of independent study—a practice that not only prepares them for their upcoming Senior School years, but also cultivates a sense of responsibility and self-motivation.

Through the establishment of a supportive and inclusive learning environment that caters to the distinct needs of every individual student, we empower them to forge constructive connections with both their peers and our dedicated teaching faculty.

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Unique programs

Big Ideas

Middle School students engage in a multi-disciplinary program, Big Ideas, to grow the essential global competencies of Character, Creativity, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking. Students often work in small groups on projects that require them to research, brainstorm and find solutions to real-world issues, linking knowledge and skills from different areas of study into final presentations. Big Ideas gives students the opportunity to explore and discover more about themselves, their community and the world in which they live.

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