We offer students diverse avenues to nurture their talents, explore their interests and cultivate their innate gifts.

Recognising the importance of extending students’ growth beyond the classroom, we wholeheartedly believe that engaging in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities fosters the enhancement of their talents, interests, and gifts.

A highlight on our calendar is the annual LIFE Week — a week abounding with cross-curricular engagements, camps and transformative pilgrimages. Each year group participates in their own age-appropriate experience, which is designed to engage them in authentic learning adventures encompassing all elements of our LIFE Pillars (Learning, Inter-relationships. Faith, Enrichment). This dedicated time amplifies our commitment to fostering holistic enrichment.

At Holy Cross, the avenues to explore both visual and performing arts are immensely popular among our students. We facilitate access to instrumental music instruction, the chance to be a part of music ensembles or the choir, and active involvement in our annual Drama Production and Dance Showcase. These opportunities are designed to foster artistic expression and creativity among our students.

We also enthusiastically promote sports participation and offer abundant in-school avenues for students to engage and compete in a wide spectrum of sports. Our Inter-House Carnivals in Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics not only ignite our school spirit but also foster strong bonds among students within their respective Houses.

For those who exhibit excellence in specific sports (or even multiple ones), the opportunity arises to represent the College in interschool competitions. Simultaneously, we ensure that all students have the chance to partake in extra-curricular sports against neighbouring schools. This includes Basketball, Netball, Frisbee, Volleyball, AFL, AFLW and Soccer, among others. We also offer students opportunities to explore our diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings, which can be explored below.

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Opportunities

At Holy Cross, our wide array of co-curricular experiences encompass enriching field trips, pilgrimages, excursions and incursions. These opportunities are catalysts for our students to cultivate heightened cognitive thinking and explore diverse global viewpoints.

We extend students the chance to participate in extra-curricular clubs that take place either during or after school hours. These clubs serve as platforms for students to delve deeper into their passions and interests.

While the club offerings may vary each year, past options have included options such as games, art, film, drama, dance, cake decorating, mathematics, and homework assistance.

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Student Leadership

We extend Student Leadership opportunities to all students eager to create a positive impact within the community. Holy Cross provides a myriad of avenues through which students can embrace leadership roles, ranging from formal designations like Captains and House Leaders, to LIFE Leaders.

Our firm conviction rests in the notion that students who take on leadership roles cultivate a heightened sense of service and self-assurance. As a result, they develop a profound comprehension of their role within the community and how they can contribute to the betterment of their peers and others within the community.

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Social Justice and Service

Our commitment to Social Justice and Service activities harmoniously align with our core Catholic values, a commitment that transcends the entire school year.

We actively inspire our students to channel their gifts towards constructive ends and engage in purposeful actions within the College, Parish and local community. In partnership with various organisations, we provide students the chance to augment their awareness of social concerns while fostering an empathetic recognition of the needs of others.

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