College Patrons

Our College Patrons embody the spirit of our character and culture at Holy Cross.

Holy Cross College draws its inspiration from our College Patron, Saint Oscar Romero, and our four House Patrons – Mother Ursula Frayne, Blessed Frederic Ozanam, Sister Irene McCormack and Dom Rosendo Salvado.

Our College values are deeply rooted in our Catholic foundations, and the character and culture of our school resonate with these values. Our College Patrons serve as the driving force behind our four Houses, symbolising our school spirit and each embodying one of the four LIFE Pillars.

College Patron Saint Oscar Romero

Saint Oscar Romeo was known as the ‘bishop of the poor’ for his work standing up for justice and the people of El Salvador, speaking out against social injustice and violence despite the risk to his own life. He was assassinated while saying Mass in 1980, beatified by Pope Francis in 2017 and canonised in 2018 in the presence of a small group of Holy Cross staff and students.

The life he lived speaks clearly to the College vision as a community of transformation in the spirit of the risen Christ and inspires our staff and students to aim for courage, faith and justice in all they do.

Ursula Frayne – Learning

Mother Ursula Frayne possessed an ardent dedication to education, especially for women and the marginalised. In 1846, she, along with a devoted group of Sisters, laid the foundation for Western Australia’s inaugural convent school, the Convent of the Holy Cross.

By designating Ursula Frayne as the College Patron for our Learning pillar, we pay tribute to her as a forward-thinking woman who spurred those in her charge to strive for excellence. Her legacy continues to inspire an environment that prizes the utmost respect and dignity for every individual.

Frédéric Ozanam – Inter-Relationships

Frédéric Ozanam, the visionary behind the Society of Saint Vincent De Paul, dedicated himself relentlessly to uplift the lives of his struggling community amidst economic and social tumult.

We pay homage to Frédéric Ozanam’s enduring legacy as a compassionate, caring and community-oriented individual. We have seamlessly aligned his legacy with our Inter-Relationships pillar and have bestowed the name Ozanam House upon it.

Irene McCormack – Faith

Sister Irene McCormack’s unwavering commitment spanned over three decades as a Western Australian educator. Following years of dedicated teaching, she made a fateful decision to journey to Peru, where she served impoverished villagers — an endeavour that tragically concluded her life.

Irene McCormack exemplified unwavering faith, cultivated through introspection, and embodied through a life of justice and service. It’s these remarkable attributes that we encapsulate within our Faith pillar and immortalise through the McCormack House in her honour.

Dom Rosendo Salvado – Enrichment

Bishop Rosendo Salvado orchestrated the foundation of the Benedictine monastic community in New Norcia. Chosen by our College community to epitomise the Enrichment pillar, he symbolises the close connection between Holy Cross College and New Norcia.

Bishop Salvado’s legacy shines through his empathy and boundless compassion for all. This is precisely why he and the New Norcia community, both historically and today, embody the significance of receiving divine gifts with gratitude, nurturing them conscientiously and sharing them wholeheartedly.

Our buildings

At Holy Cross College, we have made the conscious decision to make a statement about who we are and what we value in the naming of each of our campus buildings. Each space is named after a place that is closely associated with the history and story of one of our patrons.

Read more about each building name by downloading A Journey of Transformation in the Spirit of the Risen Christ.