Fostering the holistic development of students physical, emotional and social dimensions is a central and unwavering focus at Holy Cross.

We acknowledge the crucial connection between promoting student wellbeing and cultivating effective, healthy learning environments. Our Saint James Centre stands as a dedicated facility, equipped with modern first aid suites. Here, students can readily access healthcare services and receive supplementary support and care as needed through the services of a Wellbeing Administrative Assistant, Social Workers, Wellbeing Officer and Nurses.

Our overarching objective is to nurture resilience and offer our students a secure environment, one in which every member of the community values the respect and dignity of each individual. We pursue this aim by providing a safe space and amplifying support to foster growth in the areas of physical, social and emotional wellbeing, as well as mental health.

At Holy Cross, our approach is collaborative – involving a close partnership with families to identify and reduce any barriers to a student’s learning. We firmly believe that this offers the best chance for nurturing resilience and enhancing educational and social achievements for our students. We believe that the best way to support our students and their families is by empowering our community through education and understanding. Additionally, we actively promote students developing the knowledge and skills to be actively engaged in their own wellbeing.