Rich in cultural diversity, firmly rooted in Catholic foundations.

At Holy Cross College, we take great pride in embodying the vibrant multicultural fabric of our broader community. This diversity resonates throughout our student body, their families, and our dedicated staff.

Our College has been foundationally built upon a hope-filled Christian faith, and it is these foundational principles that connect our College community. Throughout their time at Holy Cross College, our aspiration is for students to engage in an authentic journey of faith. From Year 1 through to Year 12, students embark on an annual Pilgrimage inspired by Bishop Rosendo Salvado and his journey from Perth to New Norcia. These age-appropriate journeys help students to develop a deeper understanding of God, themselves, a sense of community and nature.

We take delight in our Catholic identity, which is seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily life across Campus. In connection with our Faith, our buildings are named after our revered Patrons and local pilgrimage sites. Our Olive Grove, which now includes more than 30 trees, is a place for students to sit quietly and reflect or pray.

Our unique character is shaped by our culture, stories and traditions, through which we convey our distinctly Catholic values, rituals and practices. We uphold our Catholic identity and charism, in the hope that it will continue to flourish and endure for generations to come.

We share our campus with St Helena of the Holy Cross Parish Church, and the parish is involved in the liturgical life of the College – joining us for faith traditions and Catholic celebrations. In Junior School, students can participate in the Parish Sacramental programs of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.