We provide a wide range of student leadership opportunities, fostering self-confidence and cultivating active participation in the community.

Our students have the privilege of accessing a wide array of student leadership opportunities throughout their time at the College. These opportunities encompass a spectrum of roles, ranging from formal positions such as Captains, House Leaders and LIFE Leaders, to more informal opportunities during daily life around Campus.

We wholeheartedly encourage all our students to explore and embrace these leadership experiences. We firmly believe that these opportunities not only nurture self-awareness, self-confidence and the potential of individuals, but also have the power to create a meaningful and positive impact within our community.

Every leadership opportunity at Holy Cross holds a unique role within our campus, yet all student leaders are united by a shared set of core values:

  • Demonstrate Gospel values in all they do
  • Lead and serve the College Community through word and action
  • Are trustworthy, responsible and supportive of the College’s vision and mission
  • Contribute actively to community life
  • Uphold established traditions, while also innovating to enrich College life
  • Inspire, motivate and foster collaboration among students
  • Radiate positivity and enthusiasm
  • Serve as commendable representatives of the College in the wider community

College Captains

Students in Year 12 are presented with the chance to nominate themselves for one of the two available positions as College Captain. The Student Executive leaders, led by the College Captains, give students a collective voice to discuss aspects of school life and a means of contributing to decision-making in relevant areas. College Captains work closely with, and for, the school community encouraging an ethos of service and commitment. They provide leadership in all areas of the College LIFE pillars.

Life Leaders

The LIFE Leaders role empowers students to take an active stance in championing one of the four LIFE Pillars. This role encompasses:

  • Pillar advocacy
  • Mission and Vision promotion
  • School representation
  • Event organisation
  • Mentorship
  • Role model engagement
  • Community encouragement
  • House unity
  • Spiritual promotion

House Representatives

The House Representatives hold a dedicated responsibility of upholding and encouraging the values and ethos unique to their respective Houses. This role includes:

  • Spiritual promotion
  • Community engagement
  • School ambassadorship
  • Role model participation
  • Liturgy organisation
  • House activities leadership
  • Community participation
  • Mentorship