Our students are provided with individualised educational pathways that cater to their distinct needs and aspirations.

At Holy Cross, we understand that our students graduate into an evolving world, and as such require dynamic learning opportunities and pathways that prepare them to step forward boldly. Not every child seeks an academic pathway, and we are committed to providing every child an equal opportunity to excel in areas that interest them. Our students are now exposed to more pathway options than ever before.

ATAR Pathways

The ATAR pathway is specifically designed for students intending or considering pursuing further study at university following their graduation from Holy Cross College. For students aspiring to follow this path, the College provides a safety net by requiring them to enrol in five ATAR courses, with their sixth choice encompassing either a General/VET or ATAR course.

To attain excellence in various Year 11 and 12 courses, students must have exhibited a remarkable level of academic accomplishment in Year 10. This pathway represents the pinnacle of academic challenge, demanding students to be resolute in their commitment to attain exceptional outcomes through dedicated effort and diligent work.

Curtin UniReady Pathway

The UniReady Pathway, available from Year 11 comprises two distinctive options for students who are seeking an alternative route for direct university entry. Success in this pathway demands self-motivation and deep engagement.

Curtin UniReady course (additional cost)
The Curtin UniReady course runs over Year 11 and 12 and requires the completion of four units. Successful completion of the course gives students direct access to a selection of Curtin university courses and can also be used for entry to other Western Australian universities.

Certificate IV in Business (additional cost)
The Certificate IV in Business entails one day a week at the College and enrolment in the English ATAR course. Upon completion, along with at least a C grade in English ATAR, direct entry to WA universities with a 70 ATAR ranking is conferred.

General Pathway

Opting for the General Pathway, students are encouraged to incorporate a VET qualification or work experience within their timetable, offering government-funded post-secondary routes to diverse careers.

General ONSITE students (extra annual cost) partake in two industry placements and spend one off-campus day weekly. Tailored to family collaboration, this program aligns students with workplaces matching their interests.

ONSITE specialist students (also extra cost) dedicate one day weekly to TAFE, complemented by additional holiday-period workplace hours.

The VET (Vocational Education and Training) qualification contributes to WACE attainment, allowing students to undertake certificate courses imparting practical skills and workplace insights.

Horizons Pathway

The Horizons pathway prioritises specific learning areas, guaranteeing tailored learning experiences that harmonise with each student’s curriculum level.

ASDAN presents an activity-driven program for learners spanning various levels, fostering life skills, and functional literacy and numeracy aligned with their interests.

The Work Ready and Life Skills course hones students’ social and emotional skills via authentic, community-oriented learning experiences.

Off-campus programs

The College also provides students with the opportunity to participate in three types of vocational programs. We encourage students considering these options to meet with staff in the Careers Hub to help craft your individual path.

ONSITE is an integrated Workplace Learning Program, with pathways for General or Specialist. Specialist students undertake work placement in conjunction with a TAFE qualification.

Externally delivered certificates are available through North Metropolitan TAFE or other VET in School providers. Futher information on the extensive range of Certificate courses are available through North Metro TAFE.

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships give students the opportunity to begin preparing for a career in the industry of their choice. The College has some capacity to facilitate these, but it is generally the responsibility of individuals to secure these placements with prospective employees themselves.

Learn more about our educational pathways by downloading the Year 11 Curriculum Handbook