The House System

Inspired by our four College Patrons, the Holy Cross House System cultivates a strong sense of camaraderie and connection.

At Holy Cross, our comprehensive Pastoral Care initiatives are seamlessly applied through our House System. As staff and students join the school community, they become a part of one of our four Houses, of which they will remain a member of throughout their journey at the College. This vertical House structure is powerful in enabling older students to foster robust relationships and assume mentoring responsibilities with their younger counterparts.

Students experience a sense of belonging by representing their House in sporting carnivals, enjoying House Days and through other extra-curricular activities. These opportunities offer exciting platforms for students to actively engage with their House spirit, foster meaningful connections with fellow House members, and seamlessly integrate themselves into the House ethos.

The four Houses were chosen from our inspiring College Patrons, and each House encapsulates the mission and vision of our community, reflecting one of our LIFE pillars:

Frayne House (Mother Ursula Frayne)

Pillar: Learning
Core Values: Dignity and Personal Best

Ozanam House (Blessed Frederic Ozanam)

Pillar: Inter-relationships
Core Values: Compassion and connection

McCormack House (Sister Irene McCormack)

Pillar: Faith
Core Values: Justice and Service

Salvado House (Bishop Dom Rosendo Salvado)

Pillar: Enrichment
Core Values: Gratitude and Stewardship

Nurturing our community’s sense of belonging and camaraderie is of paramount importance, and we strongly believe it contributes to the cultivation of a secure and supportive environment between our staff and students.