Junior School

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6

Young female student completing a worksheet in class, smiling at the camera.
Celebrating the wonder of learning from day one

Early Years

Adopting a play-based approach, our Pre-Kindergarten program welcomes curious three-year-olds, introducing them to a world of imaginative play, music, art and games, fostering a foundational joy in learning and discovery.

As students grow, they transition to Kindergarten and Pre-Primary, where they explore and engage in meaningful learning experiences, tailored to their individual needs. Our flexible curriculum nurtures their intellectual and creative development, preparing them for a lifelong love of learning. In the early years, we prioritise literacy, numeracy and overall development, encouraging children to build essential skills in the areas of communication, social interaction, problem-solving and creative thinking.

The College has invested and upskilled our staff in the award-winning MultiLit Literacy Program. This evidence-based program provides students with a best-practice approach to developing literacy skills in the early years.

Future-focused education

Year 2 to Year 6

The educational journey advances from Year 2, as students move through to our Fitzroy building, where they will embrace future-focused learning and abstract-thinking. Digital and information communication technology (ICT) becomes integral to their education, broadening their horizons and ensuring a preparedness for the rapidly changing world.

Year 6 students embark on a transition to Middle School where they are empowered to shape their own educational adventure. Our teaching staff guide them with care, instilling a growth mindset and confidence. With unwavering support from a dedicated team, our students embrace challenges, strive for their best and confidently embark on their journey to the Secondary Years.

A male and female student holding open books and smiling at the camera.
Two young female students using an iPad in their classroom learning.
Unique programs

Big Ideas

Junior and Middle School students engage in a multi-disciplinary program, Big Ideas, to grow the essential global competencies of Character, Creativity, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking.

Students often work in small groups on projects that require them to research, brainstorm and find solutions to real-world issues, linking knowledge and skills from different areas of study into final presentations. Big Ideas gives students the opportunity to explore and discover more about themselves, their community and the world in which they live.

Learn more about the extra and co-curricular opportunities for Junior School students below.