Friends of Holy Cross

Active involvement of parents in the life of our College is vital, enriching both student learning and wellbeing.

Friends of Holy Cross is the vibrant parent body responsible for planning and supervising a wide array of College activities. Their mission revolves around nurturing a strong sense of community and leading fundraising initiatives that contribute to our collective goals.

We warmly invite all parents and caregivers to participate in the Friends of Holy Cross. By doing so, you contribute not only to the enduring spirit of the College community, but also to the sense of vitality that comes from being actively engaged. This is a great opportunity for family members to seamlessly integrate into the community, fostering a deep sense of belonging and unity.

Joining the Friends of Holy Cross provides an opportunity to establish connections and nurture friendships. It’s a chance to demonstrate your individual talents and skills, all while working together to enhance the enrichment of the community. Your involvement truly makes a difference, enhancing the synergy and collective spirit that define Holy Cross College.

This group operates under the guidance of the College Principal, adhering to the directives and parameters set forth by Catholic Education Western Australia.

Continuously dedicated to nurturing a sense of community and building stronger connections within the College, the Friends of Holy Cross often reach out to the wider community, inviting support and involvement during different times throughout the year.

To participate, please reach out to the Friends by emailing

Download the Friends of Holy Cross terms of Reference

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have a Parents and Friends group?

The Bishops of Western Australia emphasise the crucial role of parents and the school community in education. They urge active involvement and thank parents for their dedication. Research highlights that engaged parents enhance students’ outcomes, impacting performance, fostering community, and bringing valuable skills to the school. Your involvement is vital for a thriving educational environment.

How does it operate and what do they do?

The Friends of Holy Cross includes the Executive Council and all willing members of the College community who support its goals. Meetings are held once per term and are open to everyone. The Executive Council consists of elected members: Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Principal or delegate (ex-officio).

The organisation has four permanent councils aligned with the College LIFE Pillars:

  • Learning Council: Supports educational events, workshops, and seminars.
  • Inter-relationships Council: Organises social gatherings to strengthen community ties.
  • Faith Council: Backs liturgical events and faith formation activities.
  • Enrichment Council: Arranges fundraising and supports College enrichment activities.

How can I participate?

Parents can contribute by:

  1. Joining the Executive Council.
  2. Leading or participating in LIFE Councils.
  3. Attending termly meetings (morning and evening).
  4. Volunteering for events.
  5. Participating in events and initiatives.

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