Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
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Uniform Shop

Our College has a lot of which to be proud and our uniform represents the unique qualities and character of our heritage and Catholic education. The wearing of the College uniform promotes a sense of identity and belonging in being a member of the Holy Cross College community. Additionally, the uniform encourages respect for oneself and for each person, as it removes many of the peer pressures associated with fashionable dress and grooming styles.

Many businesses and organisations require employees to wear distinctive clothing and stipulate policies on grooming and deportment. This can be simply to distinguish the organisation from another, promote a particular image or standard, or for protection to adhere to Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

Upon enrolment, parents and students commit to adhering to the Standards of Uniform and Grooming Policy, which includes, among other things, standards around jewellery and body piercings, make-up, hair styles, shaving, tattoos, shoes and sportswear.

Click here for a copy of the Standards of Uniform and Grooming Policy at Holy Cross College:

The College Uniform Shop is located near the College Administration in the Santiago de Maria building and can be access directly from the Strathmore Parkway car park.

Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is operated independently by Tara Uniforms. Uniforms can be ordered online through their subsidiary Matrix Uniforms using the link below:

NEW to the Girls Winter Academic Uniform are slacks. They are available to order now.

Spring & Summer Uniform 2022

Raincoats are also available. They are especially good for the Camino Pilgrimages.

Normal opening times during Term are:

Tuesday          8:00 am – 11:00 am

Thursday        1:00 pm –   4:00 pm

Easter Opening Hours