Harmony and Holiness: A Celebration of Diversity and Holy Week

Let’s Live in Harmony

In the halls of Learning, where young hearts play,

Harmony Day shines bright, like the sun’s ray,

Amidst the laughter, the lessons, the cheer,

Orange whispers of unity, drawing near.

In a sea of faces, each unique and bright

Orange threads weave a tapestry of light,

Binding us together, strong and true,

In a symphony of colours, old and new.

Fitting in at school, a dance of grace,

Embracing differences, finding our place,

Like orange in a rainbow, bold and clear,

Standing out, yet blending near.

Let kindness be our compass, understanding our guide,

On this journey of learning, side by side,

For in harmony and Orange’s gentle glow,

We find belonging, in each friend we know.

An Original Poem by Amelia Conley, Year 8

I believe Amelia’s poem reflects our culture here at Holy Cross College, on Harmony Day. Amelia was the winner of the poetry competition. Thank you to Mrs Karen Wilson (Wellbeing Officer), Mr Simon Falcone (Acting Deputy Principal, Inter-relationships) and all the Inter-relationships staff and students that made the day so successful. There was such a great atmosphere throughout the day and during lunch time the dances were fantastic!

On Tuesday 19 March, Holy Cross College come together to celebrate Harmony Day (21 March). In 1998, the Australian government commissioned a study into the nature of racism over the last decade. The study highlighted a greater need for people to ‘live in harmony’ and, as a result, Harmony Day was created to encourage everyone to respect each other and appreciate the country’s multicultural background. Created in 1999 to celebrate unity and diversity, Harmony Day was originally an Australian celebration but is now marked worldwide by conscientious citizens.

Holy Week

Next week is the final week of Lent. On Palm Sunday, we celebrated the first joy of the season, as we celebrate Our Lord’s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem where he was welcomed by crowds worshiping him and laying down palm leaves before him. It also marks the beginning of Holy Week, a week of great sorrow.

Jesus returned to Jerusalem on Holy Thursday, to share the Last Supper with His apostles. He was subsequently arrested and tried. He was crucified at Calvary on Friday, outside the gates of Jerusalem. Jesus was buried the same day, and arose three days later, on Easter Sunday.

All of this is done by our Lord for forgiveness of our sins, and for life everlasting with Him. God so loved us, that He sent His only begotten Son to die for us, so that our sins may be forgiven.

John 10:10 – ‘I came that they may have life and have it to the full’.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Ms Julie Hornby