Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Learning Enrichment

Students who have a high level of academic ability are catered for within the classroom through intentional rigorous learning experiences. These experiences are designed to extend the critical thinking and creativity of these students. In addition, the College provides a range of extra-curricular programmes to further challenge students with a high-level academic ability, such as the Simpson Prize (History) and the STEM Da Vinci programme. 

Holy Cross College Academic Special Achievements

To support students with additional needs, the College has Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Individual Education Plans – Learning (IEPLs) and Curriculum Adjusted Plans (CAPs) that enable individual goals to be targeted and monitored through the support of the Learning Enrichment Team.

In Junior School, the College offers both literacy and numeracy intervention programmes.

Reading Recovery (RR) and Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is run on a daily basis to support students with literacy skills. Likewise, the Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) programme is designed to promote numeracy growth in Years One and Two.

Students in Year Seven to Year Ten who have significant learning needs are provided with an opportunity to participate in the English For Life (E4L) programme. The aim of this programme is to better prepare students for life outside of school and prepare them with the literacy skills they will need in the workplace and as a member of society.

The Learning for Life (L4L) programme runs alongside the College Big Ideas programme for students in Year Seven to Year Nine. The emphasis of this programme is to develop the students’ social and emotional skills. It involves authentic learning experiences in the community and assists students to understand their disability, whilst providing individual strategies to assist them in achieving their own individual goals.

Furthermore, specialised teachers and educational assistants provide in-class support for students with additional needs across the College.