Mothers Day & Open Day

Mother’s Day Prayer

Lord, thank you for all mothers.

For the new ones, who endure sleepless nights with infants in arms.

For the busy ones, who juggle the pressures of home and family life.

For the steadfast ones, who nurture and care for our special vulnerable children.

For the patient ones, who always seek to forgive and engage with their pre-teens.

For the persistent ones, who cleverly find new ways to connect with their mini adults.

For the mother aunts, who step in to cradle and care for nieces and nephews.

For all grandmas, who love and support their precious grandchildren.

For the foster mums that are called to gather and cover the fragile ones.

For the Sunday mums who care for our children and lead them in faith.

For the mums who give far beyond their own resources, who overcome disability to cherish and love.

Thank you, Lord, for all our beautiful mothers.

Help us to support them and keep them in our prayers.

May you bless them now on this their special day.


Thank you to all of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and all those who were able to participate in the Mother’s Day Liturgy this week and the morning tea. Thank you to Cathie Lewis and the Café staff who prepared such a lovely morning tea.

Thank you to our parents who came along to TUI of for the pampering sessions and activities. Lots of smiles were evident everywhere!

The Year Ten students enjoyed their River Cruise, with lots of dancing and socialising. Thank you to Inter- relationships Leader – Mr Spencer for the organisation of the event as well as to our staff members who attended. Your time and effort was greatly appreciated.

It’s our Open Day tomorrow! We already have lots of families registered. You can still register via our website:

Wishing everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Ms Julie Hornby