Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Social Justice Immersion

Why do you give muffins and not apples to someone experiencing homelessness or Social Justice inequities? This and other real life experiences, heartfelt stories were shared with our Giving LIFE students this past week. As students of a Catholic College, the heart of Catholic Social Teaching includes perspective from all voices. This three day Social Justice Immersion was held for students to to find a place at the table, a place to call home and to ‘live life to the full’ for people everywhere.

Students commenced their learning journey each day with Mass at the parish and then two morning Masses at St Mary’s Cathedral in Perth. Experiences included packing care packages to donate at various drop centres, food preparation, serving and spending time in conversation with people at Midland Meals, hearing from and working with Wellington Square Specialist Homeless Services, Orange Sky, Street Doctor, Meals Services, WA Alliance for Ending Homelessness and Street Chaplains on evening patrol. Prayer, journaling and sharing helped students to consider how they can help and even create change, even if only in their own perspective.

The final afternoon had students comparing shopping centres of lower income households to the shopping centres of high income earners.This promoted the question, ‘Where to from here?’

Families were invited to join their teenagers at a group dinner in the city opposite Wellington Square.